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Sobo gives small businesses access to top consultants at an affordable cost, tailoring expert advice to fit your needs and budget. With us, you'll thrive by making informed, strategic decisions. Let's elevate your business together.



Sobo was born from the realization that small to medium-sized businesses face a strategic talent gap due to shifts in workforce demographics. Founded by a business owner like you, Sobo aims to democratize access to top-tier consulting by leveraging technology and fractional expertise.


Sobo envisions a world where every small and medium-sized business has the strategic resources to thrive. By closing the talent gap, Sobo aims to empower these businesses with the same level of advice and support traditionally reserved for larger corporations.


Sobo’s technology integrates with existing business systems to provide data-driven insights and matches businesses with the most suitable consultants. This unique approach ensures that businesses receive tailored, impactful advice, driving better decisions and outcomes.

Sobo's Empowers Owners to Work on Their Business
Aligning Performance with Profitable Outcomes

Sobo's hosts a comprehensive suite of features meticulously crafted to alleviate the burdens weighing on small business owners, freeing their attention for what truly counts: growing their business, enhancing the skill sets of their people and accelerating their bottom line.

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Benefits of a Premium Subscription with Sobo

Sobo Insights slash traditional discovery times by 90% or more, allowing business owners to save time and money identifying areas of improvement. Our patent-pending method of pairing data-driven diagnostics with top-tier fractional consulting expertise delivers 30% or more in operational and financial improvements.

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Sobo Plans and Features

Our premium subscription platform slashes discovery times by 90% or more, allowing business owners to save time and money identifying areas of improvement. This is done by by providing data driven diagnostics,  Top-tier cross-industry fractional consulting expertise delivering 30% or more in operational and financial improvements to our clients.

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